Internet Adventures LLC is a Marketing Agency & eCommerce Business all in one. We specialize in paid social advertising and work with clients from all different backgrounds.


Internet Adventures LLC was founded in late July 2020 (Yes, the middle of the pandemic). Despite the timing, we’ve already had great success as both an online marketing agency, and an eCommerce business.

Agency Services

At our agency, Otter Marketing, we specialize in paid social advertising on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat & Tik Tok.

We also like to keep our work totally transparent. You’ll find on our blog, Otter.Market, that we reveal our exact marketing strategies with multiple articles detailing previous work with our clients.

You can check out our list of clients below.

Product Launches

Our products are anything but limited. We’ve been working on two different launches in the past month.

Write About Now
Writer’s Workshop Series

WAN is a media company we partnered with featuring poetry from across the world. They’re based in Houston, TX and have weekly shows available to view online.

The Writer’s Workshop Series is a chance for both old & new poets to brush up their writing with the help of 4 sessions each led by a different experienced poet. The sessions take place across two weekends in September.

Learn More here.

Virtual Training Course

BigDogFriends is an eComm company founded, branded, and marketed solely by us. The product is a virtual big dog training course taught by an award-winning dog trainer, Trevor Smith. Over the span of 14 videos, big dog owners can learn everything from the basics of sit and stay, to more advanced training techniques like walking off-leash.

Lean More here.

And stay on the lookout for more projects from us, we have much more in store!

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