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Better Social Ads Together

Better Social Ads Together

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Most of the best agencies & media buyers will pass on SaaS accounts because there’s the perception that its “too difficult” and won’t scale. What’s left is individuals & agencies who so often fall short of your goals:

And then beat-around-the-bush when things don’t work...

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The Lies The Lies
  • Facebook doesn’t work for saas or b2b
  • Our customers aren’t on Facebook or Instagram
  • Noone would ever sign up for our trial on facebook/on mobile/on instagram
  • Facebook will get you a ton of cheap TOFU leads but none will convert
  • Linkedin is too expensive to work for direct response
Have you heard these lies before?
The truth img-fluid The truth img-fluid

If you or your team has been parroting any of these things, and you’re stuck at a growth plateau using only Adwords & Outbound… It may be time to give Facebook & Linkedin a second look.

Here’s the truth - Facebook & Linkedin are the “blue ocean” for SaaS and B2B advertisers. Most of your competitors are still stuck-in-the-stone-ages when they think about acquisition…

You may be in an industry where absolutely noone advertises on social, so you and your team probably thought it impossible.

Or you see that one pesky competitor running ads, but nothing you’ve tried so far has worked and you can’t help thinking about how many cheap leads and customers they’re acquiring every day...

The truth is simple - that is exactly the reason you HAVE to be advertising on Facebook & LI. Zig when your competitors are zagging.

Because the SaaS & B2B companies that are able to crack the Social Ads Code enjoy a number of benefits over their competitors:

  • Cheaper cost per marketing and sales qualified leads
  • Higher scale (there will always be a limited number of searches on google in your industry, whereas there is a near-unlimited audience of users on Facebook who ‘look-like’ your best customers)
  • The ability to dial in their targeting and bidding to only go after higher LTV customers and companies (your dream clients who buy the mid-market and enterprise plans and are super sticky)
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Joseph Alter


Hi,I’m Joseph Alter & I’ve been doing social ads for the last seven years, in both b2b and b2c verticals… and here’s what I’d consider the best kept secret about Facebook ads.

Many of these tools that Facebook designed to maximize ROI & LTV for b2c, the things ecommerce startups and gaming brands have used to skyrocket their results…

These things can and are being used, quietly, for saas brands to do the same.

Imagine filling your pipeline with new high quality leads who buy 2-3 times more, and churn 30-60% less than your typical customers… This is a reality for those who have a sophisticated b2b ads program on Social.

But how do you get there? The best paid social buyers have already been snapped up - by the disruptor ecommerce brands and by agencies.

And with good reason - there is more demand than ever for their skills in our post-covid world, and these things aren’t taught in schools.

So you’re left with hiring an agency (the last thing many of you want to do). Maybe you have hired an agency before and heard some of the following bullshit on your weekly calls:

  • If we just spend more money on awareness our campaigns will get more efficient
  • iOS14 has decreased conversion visibility so we’re “flying blind”
  • Our costs are high because competition is really bad
  • 10 or 15% of ad spend is standard for an account like yours
  • We need to charge you a 1 or 2 or 5k setup fee
  • We can help you make video ads but that will be 500 an hour (or more)
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Internet Adventures does none of that. Straightforward plan & strategies for improving your paid acquisition, powered by weekly tests (that we actually run!) with analysis that feeds back directly to improve your campaigns. Our iterative approach means we stack incremental performance improvements over time, and make things a bit better every day… Till eventually you are sitting on a massive increase in ROI, or scale (or both!)

Pay for performance social advertising means our fee only scales as your ROI does. We put our skin in the game along with your company.

We help you with the whole picture - CRO through to copywriting and creative, all delivered quickly, reliably, and most importantly effectively. We can help you get creative assets at a reasonable price if needed, if not we’re great at creative briefing and ad spy.

We don’t just say it, we do it. Check out how we increased ROI by 800% in one month here. Look at how we increased trial volume 15x here. Sure, this is my job and I’m very good at it. I’m supposed to tell you all these things. But frankly, I’m also tired of all the scammers and hype that hides shitty practices and ad agencies not doing what they say they’re there to do - p e r f o r m.

I’ve been doing this for years and have seen significant success as a result. I’ve been able to help companies move and overcome plateaus by introducing the one thing SaaS isn’t supposed to do well with: paid social.

And it works.

Let me show you. I’ll audit your account and do a free 1-hour review call. At the end, you’ll know more not just about the state of your business, but the possibilities you’re missing out on.

No excuses, just results.

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